Some Notes on the Habits and Habitat of Steelhead Trout in the Kispiox River with Particular Reference to Cullon Creek

During the spring and summer of 1976, two investigations funded through the salmonid enhancement program were conducted on the steelhead trout of the Kispiox River. The first project, commencing in April and ending in August, was designed to document the numbers and timing of adult steelhead entering Cullon Creek to spawn. The second project, running from May through part of September was initially designed for the capture and tagging, with coded wire nose tags, of wild steelhead juveniles. Although this latter objective met with failure in terms of adequate numbers of fish tagged, some of the ancillary information collected, such as the relative abundance and distribution of juvenile steelhead and other salmonids throughout the systems, was beneficial.

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Author Chudyk, W.E. and M.R. Whately
Data Steward BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Publication Year 1977