SSAF State of the Value Report for Fish and Fish Habitat 2020 - Data

The Skeena Sustainability Assessment Forum’s (SSAF) State of the Value Report for Fish and Fish Habitat provides an overview of the current condition of fish and fish habitat in the SSAF study area and describes some of the key drivers behind these results. This is a coarse filter assessment, referred to as a Tier 1 assessment, that is based on the current knowledge of readily available data that spans the entire SSAF study area.

Spatial data, data dictionaries and methodology are included as separate resources.

To download and view interactive versions of the indicator maps features in the report please use the links provided below:

6.1 Road Density

6.2 Road/Stream Crossing Density (Coastal)

6.2 Road/Stream Crossing Density (Interior)

6.3 Road Density near Streams

6.4 Road Density on Steep (Potentially Unstable) Slopes

6.5 Equivalent Clearcut Area (ECA)

6.6 Young Second Growth Forest (low flow impacts)

6.7 Riparian Disturbance

6.8 Total Land Disturbance

6.9 Dams and Impoundments

6.10 Water Licenses

6.11 Groundwater Wells

6.12 Water Allocation Restrictions

6.13 Mines

6.14 Point Source Pollution

6.15 Low Flow Sensitivity (Summer)

6.15 Low Flow Sensitivity (Winter)

6.16 Drainage Density Ruggedness

6.17 Lakes and Wetlands (and Man-made Waterbodies)

6.18 Salmonid Habitat Extent

6.19 Salmon Spawning Extent

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