Salmonid Habitat Sensitivity Mapping Morice Forest District: Summary Report

In 1997, the British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF) was contracted by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to produce a map that would allow licensees and contractors to direct their referrals more efficiently. DFO was receiving referrals for all development near water bodies whether salmon were present or not. To this end, the Salmon Habitat Sensitivity Mapping—Bulkley Forest District project was begun. This resulting map was based on a a literature review and interview process to collect fisheries data on water bodies in the Bulkley Forest District. Terrestrial Sediment Input Hazard information was compiled from terrain stability and terrain classification maps. A rating system was assigned based on fish use and potential sediment input hazard. The map was then to be distributed to licensees, contractors and any other organization involved with authorizing or proposing work near water bodies in the Bulkley Forest District.

In 2000, the BCCF proposed to the Bulkley Morice Salmonid Preservation Group that a similar map be made for the Morice Forest District. This map would complement the Bulkley map and would assist in planning and the referrals process. In addition to salmon, it was proposed that resident and anadromous fish species be included. The species would be limited to those which are stream-resident for most of their life stages. Lake resident and introduced species were not included.

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Author Jessop, M.
Data Steward Fisheries and Oceans Canada Pacific Region
Publication Year 2001