Assessment of Steelhead Enhancement Opportunities in the Morice River System

Juvenile salmonid populations in two tributary streams to the Morice River system, Owen and Lamprey Creeks, were assessed by the Fish Habitat Improvement Section in the fall of 1980. Objectives were directed at steelhead enhancement opportunities in the two known steelhead spawning streams. Limited sampling was conducted at other locations within the Morice system (Gosnell Creek, Morice mainstem side channels) to put Owen and Lamprey Creeks into perspective in terms of the whole of the Morice River steelhead population. Sampling indicated that Owen and Lamprey Creeks were very important as spawning and early (1-2 year) rearing areas for steelhead. The lack of older juveniles indicated that juvenile steelhead migrate from these streams to the Morice River for rearing to smolt stage. Enhancement opportunities relating to maximum production of yearling migrants to the Morice River are discussed. The major steelhead enhancement opportunity applicable to the Morice system at this time is seen as fry stocking, based on annual monitoring of fry recruitment at index sites. The recommendation that carrying capacity analysis be expanded to include the entire Morice River system is made.

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Author Tredger, C.D.
Data Steward BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Publication Year 1980, 1981