Analysis of Water Quality Monitoring in the Morice Water Management Area

The Morice Water Management Area (MWMA) was established in 2007 by the Morice Land and Resource Management Plan with the intent to protect the hydrological integrity, water quality, water quantity, and fisheries of the upper Morice River watershed. The major objectives of this report are to summarize water quality monitoring data for the period of record held by the Morice Water Monitoring Trust (MWMT) and the Office of the Wet’suwet’en (OW), interpret the results, and provide recommendations and reference material for a framework of future monitoring, data management, and analyses.

Based on water quality data collected at sites monitored from 2015-2017, conditions within the MWMA are generally in the range of values expected for least-impacted, natural surface water bodies in this region, although certain constituents at specific sites were routinely high and regularly exceeded B.C. Water Quality Guidelines for the protection of aquatic life. Where constituents consistently exceed B.C. Water Quality Guidelines, we recommend adopting Water Quality Objectives to protect high quality fisheries and watershed values from future change. Water quality was more different between sites than within sites, and therefore sites were distinct from one another and represent unique water quality conditions at each location.

Terms of reference are provided for development of a template approach to long-term monitoring, including consideration of land use and climate change effects on current and future water quality conditions as well as recommendations for future monitoring, data management, data analysis, and reporting.

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Author Allison Oliver
Data Steward Morice Water Monitoring Trust
Publication Year 2018