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  • A Habitat-Based Model of Steelhead Carrying Capacity for the Skeena River

    This paper represents a habitat modelling process which estimates the carrying capacity through developing physical and biological processes which interact in ways governed by general biological or biophysical laws. These interactions lead to a calculated...
  • A Fisheries Inventory of the Gosnell Creek Watershed

    The Gosnell Creek watershed is a pristine wilderness area which has high fisheries and wildlife values. It has been recognized by several government agencies as a unique area and this has resulted in the creation of a planning format called the Gosnell...
  • A Creel Survey of Helene Lake July, 1982

    This report summarizes the results of this creel census and provides details of age and growth of rainbow trout stocked in a barren lake.
  • 2021 BC Contaminated Mine Site Map

    Map depicting over a hundred known and potentially contaminated mine waste sites that threaten to pollute waters, fish habitat and communities across British Columbia
  • 2018-2022 Implementation Plan - Wild Salmon Policy

    The WSP lays out six strategies to restore and maintain healthy and diverse salmon populations and habitats, which can be grouped into three interrelated themes: Assessment, Maintaining and Rebuilding Stocks, and Accountability.
  • 2002 Babine Lake Tributary Juvenile Coho Assessment Program

    This study aims to determine the extent of distribution of coho salmon usage and distribution in tributaries to Babine Lake, along with the ability of the tributaries to produce salmon.
  • 12,000+ Years of Change: Linking Traditional and Modern Ecosystem Science in ...

    The Reports usually contain papers from international workshops and research projects at the Centre. They report terminal works that are abstracted in Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstracts, for the benefit of researchers around the world.
  • British Columbia Water Tool

    The BC Water Portal was developed to be a map-based water information tool designed to provide public access to information about natural water availability, existing water users, and additional water-related data in BC. The data is displayed with flexible...
  • Skeena Tyee Test Fishery Visualization

    This dataset presents records from the Fisheries and Oceans Canada gill net test fishery at Tyee in the lower Skeena River. The Tyee Test Fishery has been operating since 1955 in order to evaluate the magnitude of Skeena River salmon and steelhead trout...
  • Toporama

    An interactive mapping tool which offers continuous map coverage for all of Canada from national to regional and local topographic scales (updates occurs approximately every two months).
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