Operational Stream Inventories for FL A-16823: A Compilation of Data from Operational Fish Stream Identification and Follow-up Sampling for Various Streams in the Babine Lake (BABL), Bulkley River (BULK), Upper Trembleur Lake (UTRE) and Francois Lake (FRAN) High-Level Watershed Groups

The purpose of these projects was to compile and summarize all fisheries information collected in the Burns Lake area throughout the Babine Forest Products Company (BFP) operating area during operational fish inventories conducted during the 2000 field season. This information is supplemental to the information collected during Reconnaissance Inventories completed in this area and was generally gathered to provide BFP with site-specific fisheries information to aid in forest development planning activities.

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Source URL
Author FINS Consulting Ltd.
Data Steward Babine Forest Products Co.
Publication Year 2000