Water Survey of Canada Hydrometric Station Data

The Water Survey of Canada (WSC) maintains a network of hydrometric stations across Canada, which collect real-time hydrometric data including water level and flow (discharge) data as well as water temperature information at select sites. Real-time and historical hydrometric data can be accessed and downloaded from the WSC homepage included here as a web link. Locations of WSC stations may be viewed on the WSC Real Time Hydrometric Map and/or the Skeena Maps Portal

This dataset contains resources related to the Water Survey of Canada temperature data for the Skeena Watershed. At the present time, the WSC water temperature data is provisional and is not archived on the Water Survey of Canada Historical Data website or Hydat database as quality control procedures have not yet been established. Locations of WSC stations for which provisional water temperature information has been included are shown on the WSC Water Temperature Monitoring Locations - Skeena Watershed resource.

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Source URL https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/water-overview/quantity/monitoring/survey.html
Data Steward Government of Canada
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