Literature Review and Data Summary of Studies Related to Bell Mine, Babine Lake

This report summarizes available information on selected chemical and physical parameters of Babine Lake. The information has been reviewed in order to understand long term effects of a possible permanent copper mine tailings pond supernatant discharge into Hagan Arm of Babine Lake. For this reason, emphasis was given to Hagan Arm and the immediate effluent discharge area. The section on water chemistry deals with background levels of heavy metals and salts, effects of chelating complexes within the lake and the monitoring program of the supernatant discharge by Bell mine into Hagan Arm. Water chemistry parameters from both Bell mine and EPS are analyzed and evaluated. Physical parameters such as temperature stratification, light intensity and secchi depth characteristics are considered within the context of lake circulation and mixing of the lake waters. Studies on sediment analysis and acid leaching capability of mineralized rocks are summarized in view of the potential environmental change resulting from anticipated increases in logging and mining activities in the Babine Lake Watershed

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Author Basu, K.
Data Steward Environment and Climate Change Canada
Publication Year 1984