Upper Bulkley Watershed Reconnaissance July 26, 2018

Photographs and field notes from July 26, 2018 Upper Bulkley River (UBR) Watershed reconnaissance conducted by Cindy Verbeek and Margaret Letkeman. Field descriptions include water and air temperatures, fish observations, and streamflow and channel observations. Sites include UBR at McQuarrie Creek, McQuarrie Creek upstream of mouth, Barren Creek upstream of Highway 16, Barren Creek downstream of Highway 16, slough culvert east of Barren Creek, UBR mainstem at Craker Road, Knockholt downstream of McKilligan Road, UBR mainstem at Helipad, UBR sidechannel at Helipad, UBR mainstem at North Road, and DOH work on sewage lagoon.

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