Lakelse 2060: A 50 Year Vision for the Lakelse Watershed

The projects in this report are planning exercises based upon the simple thesis, “If you want this specific value in 50 years (be it swimming or water quality or grizzly bears), these are the requirements for that value which must be in place in order for it to be there 50 years from now.” For some values, the changes to the watershed over the last 100 years have already degraded the parameter below the threshold valued by the public e.g. water quality and amphibians. To meet public expectations, these values will need to be rehabilitated back to acceptable levels. For other values, they sit on the threshold of sustainability, but, without management and an overarching plan, they too may slip below the value place on them by the people of this region.

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Author Kory Botelho, Rodney Brown, Chrysta MacKeigan Burkitt, Christa- Marie Carstens, Brady Conlon, Sarah Degerness, Cassie Dusdal, Paul Geier, N. Kerby, Patricia Kohler, Magda Machula, Morgan Oleksewich, Maureen Rowlett, Hikari Shiga, Adam Simons, Colin Spangl, Laura Webb, and Meagan Whyte
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Date Published May 2010