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  • Upper Bulkley Water Temperature Monitoring Data and Reports

    This dataset comprises water temperature information collected from 15 hydrometric stations in the Upper Bulkley River watershed since 2016. Resources include interpretative reports, a link to an interactive dashboard featuring the results, a monitoring...
  • Stewardship Project Registry

    The Stewardship Project Registry Atlas captures records of completed projects (as far back as the mid 1990s) for many of the funding organizations in the Pacific Region. The data base and web map provide a public view of information about earlier...
  • Eelgrass Bed Mapping

    Land use changes and developments have led to a loss of natural estuarine habitat in British Columbia. Agriculture, forestry, and dredging for commercial and residential development have all contributed to the loss. It is anticipated that the pressure to...
  • Biophysical, Socio-Economic, and Regional Data and Information (BERDI)

    BERDI – a data bank for Biophysical, (Socio)Economic, and Regional Data and Information (pronounced “birdie”) - was created to make data collected by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) more accessible to the public. Since 1965, the CER has collected...
  • British Columbia Mine Tailings Storage Sites Map

    Interactive map showing sites with mine tailings storage facilities (TSF) in BC. The TSF features include information on the mine status, dam height, facility capacity, and failure consequence rating.
  • STREAM Data Portal

    Co-delivered by Living Lakes Canada, World Wildlife Fund-Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and the University of Guelph, STREAM (Sequencing The Rivers for Environmental Assessment and Monitoring) is contributing to the better understanding of...
  • LakeKeepers Manual: A Guide to Lake Stewardship and Ecology in British Columbia

    The 2022 edition of the LakeKeepers manual was produced by the Board of Directors and staff of the BC Lake Stewardship Society (BCLSS) for individuals and groups interested in protecting and preserving lake habitats in British Columbia. The LakeKeepers...
  • Forest and Range Evaluation Program Fish/Riparian Monitoring

    This dataset contains a link to the Data BC "Forest and Range Evaluation Program Fish/Riparian Monitoring" page. It contains a series of pdf documents associated with the management practices and evaluation of the effectiveness of the management protocols.
  • ALC ALR Polygons

    The spatial representation for the boundary of an Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), which is a parcel of land, based on soil and climate, deemed necessary to be maintained for agricultural use.
  • Wild Salmon Policy Indicator Analysis for the Kispiox TSA

    Wild Salmon Policy indicators including road density, stream crossing density, riparian disturbance, and anthropogenic total land cover alternation (TLCA) were calculated for the Kispiox Timber Supply Area (TSA) using BC freshwater atlas (FWA) assessment...
  • Water Survey of Canada Hydrometric Station Data

    The Water Survey of Canada (WSC) maintains a network of hydrometric stations across Canada, which collect real-time hydrometric data including water level and flow (discharge) data as well as water temperature information at select sites. Real-time and...
  • Water Rights Licenses - Public

    This is a province-wide SDE spatial layer displaying water rights licence data administrated under the Water Sustainability Act which includes data for both surface water and groundwater Points of Diversions.
  • WWF - Watershed Report 2020

    This report is an update to WWF's initial Canadian-wide assessment of the country's watershed from 2017. This reassessment was only done for the health indicators (flow, water quality, benthic invertebrates and fish) as the threats assessment data sources...
  • Upper Bulkley Restoration Sites

    Link to the Upper Bulkley restoration sites map on the Skeena Maps Portal. The restoration sites represent ongoing and recent (post-2016) restoration sites in the Upper Bulkley Watershed.
  • Tyhee Lake Community Water Quality Monitoring Results

    Community water quality monitoring results including water depth, water temperature, air temperature, secchi depth, water colour, and odour at the Tyhee Lake @ Deep Station Site (EMS ID: E216924) hosted on the Water Rangers data portal. Profile measurements...
  • TANTALIS - Surveyed Right-of-way Parcels

    This dataset contains the spatial representation (polygon) of all parcels of land surveyed for statutory access or Right-of-Way purposes, with active surveys, that are or have been within the purview of the B.C. Crown Land Management program. The view was...
  • TANTALIS - Crown Land Rights-of-way

    This dataset contains the spatial representation (polygon) of active and applied for Statutory Rights-of-way. Statutory rights-of-way are registerable in a Land Titles office, and are normally issued to authorize linear uses of Crown Land for...
  • TANTALIS - Conservancy Areas

    This dataset contains the spatial representation (polygon) of the conservancy areas designated under the Park Act or by the Protected Areas of British Columbia Act, whose management and development is constrained by the Park Act.
  • Shorezone and Shoreline Habitat Protection

    Documentation of existing shoreline habitats around Prince Rupert, the Tsimshian peninsula and the Skeena River using high-resolution aerial imagery.
  • Seymour Lake Yellow Floating Heart Map

    Map showing the extent and treatment of the invasive Yellow Floating Heart (Nymphoides peltata) infestation on Seymour Lake near Smithers, BC.
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