2001 Beach Seine Survey Project

The Beach Seine Survey project is a study of the juvenile salmonids distribution and their uses of the foreshore. Firstly, each site results were summarized individually by relating the incidence of each species over time. Secondly, impacted and non-impacted site results were summarized and compared to each other. Thirdly, impacted site results were compared with the non-impacted site ones. Finally, all 12 sites were grouped into three geographical areas, each having roughly similar physical and biophysical characteristics: Prince Rupert Harbours Sites (6), Porpoise Harbour Sites (4), and Outside Sites (2). The amount of samples caught per species for each area was totalled into tables.

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Field Value
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Author Hansen, B. and G. O'Connor
Data Steward Fisheries and Oceans Canada Pacific Region
Publication Year 2000