Upper Bulkley Fish and Aquatic Review: Summary of Data, Methodology, Thresholds, and Results for Pressure Indicator Total Land Cover Alteration

The Upper Bulkley Fish and Aquatic Review project produced a set of analyses focused on select pressure and quantity indicators as determined by the Wild Salmon Policy Strategy 2. Pressure Indicators included are Road Density, Riparian Disturbance, and Total Land Cover Alteration. Quantity Indicators include Accessible Stream Length. Stream Crossing Density is also included in the analyses but is not an indicator under the Wild Salmon Policy Strategy 2. This report provides an overview of Total Land Cover Alteration. Total Land Cover Alteration (TLCA) reflects a suite of potential changes to hydrological processes and sediment generation, with potential impacts to downstream salmon habitat, as well as changes in biodiversity. The Wild Salmon Policy Habitat Working Group has ranked TLCA as a high value pressure indicator.

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Data Steward Upper Bulkley Roundtable
Publication Year 2016