Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM)

Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM) is an open source modelling framework for glaciers which can simulate the past and future mass-balance, volume and geometry of (almost) any glacier in the world. OGMM uses public data and includes tutorials and documentation.

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Author Butenko, A., Gregor, P., Recinos, B., Castellani, M., Hanus, S., Rothenpieler, T., Rounce, D., Jarosch, H. A., Champollion, N., Dusch, M., Landmann, J., Schirmeister, Z., Eis, J., Marzeion, Fei, L., Maussion, F., Schuster, L., Fourteau, K., Oberrauch, M., Ultee, L., Frisinghelli, D., Oesterle, F., Vlug, A., Goosse, H., Parkes, D. and C. Wild
Data Steward Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM)
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