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  • Lidar imagery of Nanika and Redslide watersheds

    Lidar imagery of Nanika and Redslide watersheds in September 2021. The flight path included 500 m on either side of the Nanika River (1 km swath) from Morice Lake to the falls, and the entire watershed (divide) for the Redslide. The dataset includes:...
  • Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM)

    Open Global Glacier Model (OGGM) is an open source modelling framework for glaciers which can simulate the past and future mass-balance, volume and geometry of (almost) any glacier in the world. OGMM uses public data and includes tutorials and documentation.
  • LidarBC - Open LiDAR Data Portal

    The LiDAR Data Portal provides open public access to an active remote sensing system based on Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), its derivatives, and associated datasets as collected by the Province of British Columbia. The Portal also includes a...
  • Colour Shaded Relief DEMs based on the NTS 1:250,000 map blocks.

    A relief representation combining a Colour Relief image, in which the elevations are assigned different colours according to their value, and a Shaded Relief image, in which lighting enhances elevation and slope. The resulting product is a 3-band (RGB)...
  • ClimateNA

    ClimateNA is a standalone MS Windows application that uses gridded monthly climate normal data (800 x 800 m) to generate scale-free climate data and climate surfaces for specific locations. It calculates and derives many (>200) monthly, seasonal and...
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