North and Central Coast Salmon Escapement, Catch, Run Size and Exploitation Rate Estimates for each Salmon Conservation Unit for 1954-2014

This report provides details on the methods used to convert the escapement estimates for indicator stream into total escapement estimates for each SA and CU as well as a description of the methods used to estimate the exploitation rates needed to compute annual harvest and total run size estimates for each salmon CU for 1954-2014. Results from these analyses have been loaded into an application that allows anyone with access to the internet to obtain the historical time-series of escapement, catch, Canadian ERs and Total ERs for each salmon species by SA or CU and the associated histogram showing the survey quality ratings for the annual escapement estimates here. The appendices to this report provide further details on the methods, data sources, and assumptions used to derive the annual estimates of escapement, catch and exploitation rates for each salmon CU.

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Author English, K.K., Peacock, D., Challenger, W. and T. Mochizuki
Data Steward Pacific Salmon Foundation
Publication Year 2016