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  • Water Survey of Canada Hydrometric Station Data

    Disclaimer: Water temperature is a Water Survey of Canada output, not a product. The data are provided as-is. We have no standard operating procedures for data collection or processing. This means that sensor selection, calibration, and placement are not...
  • Eelgrass Bed Mapping

    Land use changes and developments have led to a loss of natural estuarine habitat in British Columbia. Agriculture, forestry, and dredging for commercial and residential development have all contributed to the loss. It is anticipated that the pressure to...
  • British Columbia Mine Tailings Storage Sites Map

    Interactive map showing sites with mine tailings storage facilities (TSF) in BC. The TSF features include information on the mine status, dam height, facility capacity, and failure consequence rating.
  • Shorezone and Shoreline Habitat Protection

    Documentation of existing shoreline habitats around Prince Rupert, the Tsimshian peninsula and the Skeena River using high-resolution aerial imagery.
  • Seymour Lake Yellow Floating Heart Map

    Map showing the extent and treatment of the invasive Yellow Floating Heart (Nymphoides peltata) infestation on Seymour Lake near Smithers, BC.
  • Provincial Climate Data Set (PCDS) Portal

    The Provincial Climate Data Set (PCDS) Portal contains observations of weather and climate variables (such as temperature and rainfall amounts) for British Columbia. Locations of observation stations are shown on an interactive map of the province which...
  • Old Growth Deferral Areas

    In November 2021, the BC Old Growth Technical Advisory Panel released eight maps outlining the most at risk old forest for immediate deferral. This dataset includes the background report describing the development of the maps, an html link to the original...
  • Ground Water Wells Database & Map

    Point features showing the location of groundwater wells in BC joined with attributes and information from the WELLS database.
  • ClimateNA

    ClimateNA is a standalone MS Windows application that uses gridded monthly climate normal data (800 x 800 m) to generate scale-free climate data and climate surfaces for specific locations. It calculates and derives many (>200) monthly, seasonal and...
  • BC Dams

    Province-wide SDE spatial view displaying dam locations. The public view displays a subset of the attribute data.
  • BC Soil Information Finder Tool

    The Soil Information Finder Tool provides access to soil survey data, reports, and maps.
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