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  • Trophic Status of B.C. Lakes

    Map and listing of B.C. lakes assessed through the B.C. Lake Monitoring Network. Lakes are characterized as Oligotrophic, Mesotrophic, or Eutrophic.
  • Round Lake Draft Management Plan

    A document containing plans to preserve the water quality of Round Lake located near Smithers, BC. This management plan is intended to provide long-term direction to the Round...
  • Round Lake 2002-2005

    A report detailing the water quality of Round Lake located in Smithers, BC between the years 2002-2005. Data was gathered as part of The BC Lake Stewardship and Monitoring...
  • Northwest Water Tool Report Round Lake

    A report with details on the Round Lake Watershed. Includes information on the hydrology, risk management levels and measures, existing water licenses, land cover, topography...