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  • Forest and Range Evaluation Program Fish/Riparian Monitoring

    This dataset contains a link to the Data BC "Forest and Range Evaluation Program Fish/Riparian Monitoring" page. It contains a series of pdf documents associated with the management practices and evaluation of the effectiveness of the management protocols.
  • Wetlands Action Plan for BC

    The Wetland Stewardship Partnership (WSP) is a group of organizations and government agencies committed to wetland conservation in BC. In this document, the WSP proposes a comprehensive Wetland Action Plan to be implemented cooperatively by governmental and...
  • Pacific Trail Pipelines Project: Volume 1 Report - Application for Environmen...

    This Application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the KSL Project has been prepared pursuant to Section 16(1) of the B.C. Environmental Assessment Act. The Application includes a description of the project, an outline of the Public and First...
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