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  • Forest and Range Evaluation Program Fish/Riparian Monitoring

    This dataset contains a link to the Data BC "Forest and Range Evaluation Program Fish/Riparian Monitoring" page. It contains a series of pdf documents associated with the management practices and evaluation of the effectiveness of the management protocols.
  • Wetlands of British Columbia: A Guide to Identification

    This guide presents a site classification and interpretative information for wetlands and related ecosystems of British Columbia. Site identification is based upon principles of Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification modified for wetland ecosystems.
  • Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako Shoreland Development Strategy

    This document, specifically devoted to lakeshore development marks the next step in reaffirming the RDBN’s commitment to sound lakeshore development practices. This is done to ensure that the regions’ water resources remain healthy and vibrant to be...
  • Pacific Trail Pipelines Project: Volume 1 Report - Application for Environmen...

    This Application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the KSL Project has been prepared pursuant to Section 16(1) of the B.C. Environmental Assessment Act. The Application includes a description of the project, an outline of the Public and First...
  • Operational Guide for Forest Road Wetland Crossings

    The purpose of this guide is to provide forestry professionals and contractors with a general understanding of boreal wetlands, what to expect in terms of water movement between different types of wetlands and general considerations when planning,...
  • Freshwater Atlas of BC

    The Freshwater Atlas (FWA) is a standardized dataset for mapping the province's hydrological features. The atlas defines watershed boundaries by height of land and provides a connected network of streams, lakes and wetlands. Each stream in the province has...
  • Freshwater Atlas Wetlands

    This Freshwater Atlas GIS data has been clipped to the Skeena watershed (date stamp October 2016). Data provided in shape file format (EPSG 3005), GeoJSON (EPSG 3005), and KML (EPSG 4326). Contains the wetlands layer.
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