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  • Toboggan Creek Coho Smolt Enumerations

    The primary focus of the "Toboggan Creek Smolt Project" is to estimate the number of wild coho (0. kisutch) smolts leaving Toboggan Creek. Initiated in the spring of 1995, the study aimed to estimate wild coho populations of Toboggan Creek by comparison...
  • Skeena River Selective Harvest Monitoring Projects

    The purpose of this study is to quantitate and validate native fish harvests (food fishery harvests and excess salmon spawning requirement [ESSR] harvests) and releases in 1995. The reports analyze different methods of harvest used by indigenous communities...
  • Habitat Restoration & Salmon Enhancement Program (HRSEP) 1998/99 Summary Report

    The Habitat Restoration and Salmon Enhancement Program (HRSEP) was established in 1996/97 to complement the Pacific Salmon Revitalization Strategy. The main objective of the federally funded HRSEP is to revitalize salmonid populations in British Columbia...
  • Fish Population Monitoring in Foxy and Buck Creeks

    Sampling at fish index sites was conducted at five locations in Foxy and Buck creeks for Equity Silver Mines Ltd. from September 1988 to 1991.
  • Angling Guide Data Summary for the Skeena Watershed

    The Angling Guide Management System database has been developed by BCE to provide a method for comparing annual report submissions. Guided angler data in annual guide reports provide information on angler demographics, effort and catch for waters and over...
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