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  • A Reconnaissance Survey of Toboggan Lake

    This survey data includes information regarding the location, physical data, terrain features, water chemistry and temperature, obstructions and pollutions, miscellaneous, netting results, stomach analysis, resort and campsite, habitation, access, oxygen,...
  • A Reconnaissance Survey of McQuarrie Lake

    This survey collected information about the fish species that are present in McQuarrie Lake, as well as information about the physical characteristics of the lake. This included oxygen and temperature profiles, water chemistry data, obstructions,...
  • A Preliminary Investigation of Kitsumkalum River Steelhead Trout 1980-81

    Increasing angling pressure combined with intensive logging in the upper watershed and growing human development in the lower watershed during recent years prompted the B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch to conduct a preliminary investigation of Kalum River...
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