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  • Cutthroat Fishery - Lakelse River/Lake

    A compilation of various studies and emails between the researchers and the Ministry of Environment in regards to Lakelse Lake and River assessment through the years of 1969-2001.
  • Water Quality: Second Report on Chemical Sensitivity of BC Lakes to Acidic In...

    This second summary document provides information (pH, alkalinity, calcium, and sensitivity rating) for about 760 lakes sampled between 1977 and 1986. This represents about 3.5% of the estimated 22,000 lakes in British Columbia. It provides locations where...
  • Reconnaissance Survey of Buckley Lake

    This document contains information about Buckley lake habitat quality. Information recorded includes physical, chemical, temperature, oxygen, obstruction and pollutions, stocking, access, and habitation data. Maps and images are also included.
  • A Reconnaissance Survey of Toboggan Lake

    This survey data includes information regarding the location, physical data, terrain features, water chemistry and temperature, obstructions and pollutions, miscellaneous, netting results, stomach analysis, resort and campsite, habitation, access, oxygen,...
  • A Reconnaissance Survey of McQuarrie Lake

    This survey collected information about the fish species that are present in McQuarrie Lake, as well as information about the physical characteristics of the lake. This included oxygen and temperature profiles, water chemistry data, obstructions,...
  • A Fisheries Inventory of the Gosnell Creek Watershed

    The Gosnell Creek watershed is a pristine wilderness area which has high fisheries and wildlife values. It has been recognized by several government agencies as a unique area and this has resulted in the creation of a planning format called the Gosnell...
  • A Creel Survey of Helene Lake July, 1982

    This report summarizes the results of this creel census and provides details of age and growth of rainbow trout stocked in a barren lake.
  • Telkwa Coal Project Aquatic Resource Assessment (1985)

    This report is the result of studies undertaken in 1984 that evaluated aquatic resources in the Telkwa Project study area in west-central British Columbia. Stream periphyton, invertebrates, and fish populations were assessed in Goathorn and Tenas creeks and...
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