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  • Kitwanga Sockeye Salmon Recovery Plan (KSRP)

    The Kitwanga sockeye stock is currently at a depressed level and at risk of collapse. The collapse of Kitwanga sockeye could lead to extinction, which should be considered irreversible. The reasons for the stock decline are not completely understood,...
  • Kitwanga River Salmon Enumeration Facility Annual Reports

    In 2006 the Gitanyow Fisheries Authority partnered with DFO and the Skeena Fisheries Commission to develop the Kitwanga Sockeye Rebuilding Program. A key component of this program included the establishment of a means to accurately estimate sockeye...
  • Kitwanga River Salmon Smolt Assessments - Annual Reports

    In 1999, Gitanyow Fisheries Authority (GFA) initiated a Kitwanga sockeye-rebuilding program to conserve, protect and recover the stock. One of the highest rebuilding priorities for the Kitwanga Sockeye Salmon Recovery Plan (KSRP), which was initiated in...
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