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  • Some Aspects of Food and Growth of Fish Species in Babine Lake

    Food preferences and growth rates of various fish species in Babine Lake were analyzed. Kokanee fed primarily on plankton and insects, with no fish recorded in the diet. Insects were generally the most significant component of the diet of rainbow trout,...
  • Lakelse Lake Hydroacoustic Survey

    Skeena Fisheries Commission (SFC) conducted a hydroacoustic survey of Lakelse Lake in 2012-2013. The main objective of the survey was to enumerate and sample the sockeye fry population in Lakelse Lake. The results of the survey are contained in this report.
  • Retrospective Chinook Salmon Escapement Estimation to Skeena River Using Gene...

    This document has been written to meet the reporting requirements defined in the cost sharing agreement between the Pacific Salmon Commission and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and aims to provide stock identification data and aggregate escapement estimates...
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