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  • WWF - Watershed Report: Skeena Sub-Watershed 2017

    WWF has completed the first Canada-wide assessment of the country’s watersheds, focusing on four indicators of river health and seven key threats. The resources below link to the WWF Watershed Reports at a national level and provide access to the detailed...
  • WWF - Watershed Report 2020

    This report is an update to WWF's initial Canadian-wide assessment of the country's watershed from 2017. This reassessment was only done for the health indicators (flow, water quality, benthic invertebrates and fish) as the threats assessment data sources...
  • WWF - Watershed Report 2017

    This report by WWF-Canada is the first-ever national assessment on the health of and threats to freshwater in Canada. By identifying standard key health and threat indicators, WWF-Canada was able to explore the state of our streams and rivers and give...
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