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  • Skeena Salmon Management Committee Annual Reports

    The Skeena Salmon Management Committee was established by the Minister of Fisheries in 1954 to investigate the condition of Skeena River salmon stocks, to improve management of the runs, and to increase the yield, if possible. To achieve its objectives the...
  • Moricetown Falls as a Hazard to Salmon Migration

    In any salmon conservation program, the successful escapement of the mature adults to the spawning grounds in fresh water is an important factor. The presence of any obstruction which might totally bar the fish or merely delay their ascent upriver may be of...
  • New growth on Scales of Seaward-Migrating Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)...

    The purpose of this report is to compare the incidence of circuli formed after the annulus (Fig. 1) (referred to here as "new growth") on the scales of early migrants with that on scales of the late migrants for the years 1958 to 1965.
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