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  • The Sports Fishery for Cutthroat Trout at Lakelse Lake

    For the past 15 years, Lakelse Lake has supported an active sport fishery for cut-throat trout. Since 1950 the Fisheries Research Board of Canada has kept records of this fishery in connection with its investigations on the ecology of the sockeye salmon of...
  • The Return of Sockeye Salmon Marked at Babine and Lakelse Lakes

    The marking of young migrant salmon by removing certain fins is a well-established practice. The recapture of such individuals may provide information on times and routes of migration; the degree to which fish return to their "home" streams or "wander"...
  • Moricetown Falls as a Hazard to Salmon Migration

    In any salmon conservation program, the successful escapement of the mature adults to the spawning grounds in fresh water is an important factor. The presence of any obstruction which might totally bar the fish or merely delay their ascent upriver may be of...
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