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  • Habitat Scale Mapping of Fisheries Ecosystem Service Values in Estuaries

    This research paper presents a standardized method that combines habitat maps and habitat-faunal associations to estimate ecosystem service values for recreational and commercial fisheries in estuaries.
  • Freshwater Atlas of BC

    The Freshwater Atlas (FWA) is a standardized dataset for mapping the province's hydrological features. The atlas defines watershed boundaries by height of land and provides a connected network of streams, lakes and wetlands. Each stream in the province has...
  • Freshwater Atlas Wetlands

    This Freshwater Atlas GIS data has been clipped to the Skeena watershed (date stamp October 2016). Data provided in shape file format (EPSG 3005), GeoJSON (EPSG 3005), and KML (EPSG 4326). Contains the wetlands layer.
  • Estuaries on the North Coast of British Columbia: a Reconnaissance Survey of ...

    This survey acquires the ecological information on plant community types occurring in estuaries on the north coast and creates a site classification. It also surveys and describes a range of estuaries on the north coast, summarizing basic biological and...
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