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  • A Review of the Babine Lake Development Project 1961-1976

    This report describes the results of the Babine Development Project evaluation program relative to the individual components within project, containing components which describe the individual projects from the predevelopment stage to the present.
  • A Reconnaissance Survey of Seymour Lake 1983

    This survey presents physical data of Seymour Lake. This includes terrain features, access, resorts and campsites, obstructions and pollutions, developments, aquatic plants, species present, lake drainage, water chemistry, and special restrictions.
  • A Habitat-Based Model of Steelhead Carrying Capacity for the Skeena River

    This paper represents a habitat modelling process which estimates the carrying capacity through developing physical and biological processes which interact in ways governed by general biological or biophysical laws. These interactions lead to a calculated...
  • 2002 Babine Lake Tributary Juvenile Coho Assessment Program

    This study aims to determine the extent of distribution of coho salmon usage and distribution in tributaries to Babine Lake, along with the ability of the tributaries to produce salmon.
  • Skeena Tyee Test Fishery Visualization

    This dataset presents records from the Fisheries and Oceans Canada gill net test fishery at Tyee in the lower Skeena River. The Tyee Test Fishery has been operating since 1955 in order to evaluate the magnitude of Skeena River salmon and steelhead trout...
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