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  • Slamgeesh Lake Smolt Sampling Project

    For the past ten years the Gitksan Watershed Authorities (GWA) have been collecting information on adult and juvenile sockeye and coho in Slamgeesh Lake in the northern part of the Skeena watershed.
  • Skeena Steelhead Conservation Units

    The purpose of this project is to provide an update of Skeena steelhead population structure that is more consistent with both the federal methodology and the intent of the wild salmon policy. The paper is intended as scientific guidance, not provincial...
  • Skeena Sockeye Lakes Hydroacoustic Surveys

    Skeena Fisheries Commission (SFC) conducted hydroacoustic surveys at five sockeye rearing lakes in the Skeena Watershed. The main objectives of these surveys is to enumerate and sample the sockeye fry populations, and to estimate the species composition at...
  • Report of the Skeena Independent Science Review Panel

    The Panel’s report is divided into five major topic areas: (1) the fish and the fisheries, (2) habitat status and protection, (3) critical monitoring needs for future management, (4) governance, and (5) recommendations.
  • Benchmark Analysis for Lake Sockeye Conservation Units (CUs) in the Skeena

    This project estimates benchmarks and status' for all conservation units (CUs) in the Skeena watershed.
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