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  • Northwest Cumulative Effects Case Study

    The Northwest pilot has investigated a range of cumulative effect related topics as well as developed methods to assess impacts of industrial development on a selection of values at a broad spatial scale. The goal of the pilot was to improve the consistency...
  • BWMT Project Reports

    This dataset contains eighteen reports initiated by the Babine Watershed Monitoring Trust between 2003 and 2013.
  • The Babine River Watershed: An Annotated Bibliography of Inventory, Monitorin...

    This bibliography was completed to provide an information base to the Babine Watershed Monitoring Group. This group is being established to coordinate monitoring of resource management plans and activities in the Babine River watershed, in North Central BC.
  • Tenas Project: Project Description

    Telkwa Coal Limited (TCL) is proposing to develop the Tenas Project (the Project), a surface coal mine designed to produce approximately 15.0 million tonnes of washed metallurgical coal product at about 0.750 million saleable tonnes per year to be used in...
  • Tenas Project 2017-2018 Baseline Report Final

    This consolidated baseline report aims to provide information on field programs and their respective field summaries for the the 2017 to spring 2018 programs of the Tenas Project.
  • SSAF State of Value Report for Grizzly Bear 2020 - Data

    Spatial data and data dictionaries for the SSAF State of Value Report for Grizzly Bear Habitat 2020. To download and view interactive maps for each indicator please use the links provided below. 4.1 Conservation Rank 4.2 Bear Density 4.3 Core Security Areas...
  • Northwest Transmission Line: Bell-Irving Route Study

    Sheffield studies and office-based reviews for this Bell-Irving Route Study Report were completed in August 2010. This report presents the results of baseline information collected as well as an evaluation of potential project effects on VECs along the...
  • Monitoring Land Use Planning to Maintain Grizzly Bears Project 2009-3

    This report aims to support monitoring for the implementation and effectiveness of land use planning for achieving management and conservation goals to maintain grizzly bears over the long term in the Babine Watershed Monitoring Trust area of interest.
  • Grizzly Bear Workshop May 2013: Babine Watershed

    This summary captures discussion among grizzly bear experts and interested parties about monitoring needs in the Babine Watershed.
  • Babine River Interim Local Resource Use Plan

    This plan describes the management consensus option and resource management issues for the Babine River area. It includes the watershed management prescriptions developed to meet the objectives of the consensus option.
  • SSAF State of Value Report for Grizzly Bear 2020

    The Skeena Sustainability Assessment Forum’s (SSAF) State of Value (SoV) Report for Grizzly Bear provides a high-level summary of the current condition of grizzly bear populations and habitat within the Skeena Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI)...
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