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  • Skeena Salmon Conservation Unit Report Cards for Sockeye

    These habitat report cards were developed by the Pacific Salmon Foundation with technical support from ESSA Technologies. This project summarizes pressures on habitat used by Skeena salmon for migration, spawning, rearing and incubation, as well as their...
  • Skeena Salmon Conservation Unit Snapshot for Chinook

    The Conservation Unit Snapshots ('CU Snapshot') are part of a 2013 project that summarizes key population and habitat information for Skeena salmon CUs. These Snapshots are intended to serve as a reference document to assist discussions about the state of...
  • 1998 Stream Inventory Report Gosnell Creek Watershed

    This report presents an overview of the key results of the fish and habitat sampling program including fish distribution, abundance, life history information and a comparison to historical data where available. As well, it identifies key habitats and...
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