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  • Water Quality in British Columbia Objectives Attainment

    The setting of water quality objectives in priority basins in British Columbia began in 1982. By the end of 2002, the Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection had set water quality objectives in 51 areas or basins and updated them throughout the...
  • Trout Creek/Kitseguecla Landscape Unit Plan

    The Trout Creek Landscape Unit Plan (LUP) outlines the objectives and the strategies for the resource management of the Trout Creek and Toboggan watershed within the Bulkley portion of the Bulkley/Cassiar Forest District. The objectives address core...
  • Reconnaissance Survey of Twin Lake

    Klohn-Crippen Consultants Ltd. was retained by the Fisheries Branch of the BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks in Smithers (MELP), British Columbia, to conduct a reconnaissance level survey of Twin Lake within the Babine River watershed. The field...
  • Reconnaissance Inventory of Damsumlo Lake

    The Damsumlo Lake fish community was sampled with two standard experimental multi-mesh gillnets (one floating and one sinking) and five Gee-type minnow traps baited with salmon roe. Inlets and the outlet stream were sampled for fish presence by...
  • Lake Survey Data - Seymour Lake 1958

    Seymour Lake was surveyed in August, 1958 for information regarding its physical qualities and the life it supports.
  • Bioassessment of Streams in North-Central British Columbia Using the Referenc...

    This report outlines results from three years of RCA model development for the Skeena Region. It includes the development of standard methods for collecting and analyzing data for use in the RCA for bio monitoring in the Skeena region, results of...
  • Babine River Interim Local Resource Use Plan

    This plan describes the management consensus option and resource management issues for the Babine River area. It includes the watershed management prescriptions developed to meet the objectives of the consensus option.
  • A Review of the Limnology and Sockeye Salmon Ecology of Babine Lake

    This literature review summarizes the academic understanding of Babine Lake ecosystems during the 1980s, also providing information on the log storage and handling aspects at the time.
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