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  • Reconnaissance Survey of Buckley Lake

    This document contains information about Buckley lake habitat quality. Information recorded includes physical, chemical, temperature, oxygen, obstruction and pollutions, stocking, access, and habitation data. Maps and images are also included.
  • Literature Review and Data Summary of Studies Related to Bell Mine, Babine Lake

    This report summarizes available information on selected chemical and physical parameters of Babine Lake. The information has been reviewed in order to understand long term effects of a possible permanent copper mine tailings pond supernatant discharge into...
  • Babine Lake: Data From Chemical and Biological Surveys, May 83, May 84, July 84

    Water quality data were obtained in May 1983, May 1984, and July 1984 in Babine Lake to determine if there was any impact from the Bell Copper Mine discharges. Physical and chemical water quality data were collected associated with taxonomic and metal...
  • A Reconnaissance Survey of Toboggan Lake

    This survey data includes information regarding the location, physical data, terrain features, water chemistry and temperature, obstructions and pollutions, miscellaneous, netting results, stomach analysis, resort and campsite, habitation, access, oxygen,...
  • A Reconnaissance Survey of McQuarrie Lake

    This survey collected information about the fish species that are present in McQuarrie Lake, as well as information about the physical characteristics of the lake. This included oxygen and temperature profiles, water chemistry data, obstructions,...
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